Prophetic Art

Get to know the artist.

Tamara Derossett

When Jason and Shelly first began life of love, they came to my house and Jason noticed a painting in my living room I had painted of trees that represented each of my family members, that was the first painting I had ever attempted. I shared while I was painting I heard the Lord say, make sure the branches of the adult trees cover the children. I was undone, and I felt the Lord's presence in each brushstroke. The only paint I had was my leftover wall paint from the living room and some craft paint. Jason asked if I would consider doing prophetic paintings during services at LOL, I laughed and said no, I don't think so. After they left, I spent some time in prayer and I felt like the Lord said to do it, so I gave God, Jason and Shelly my yes.

 It's been an incredible journey, I've watched hundreds of YouTube tutorial's trying to learn as much as I can. When I begin a painting. I use watercolor pencils to write on the canvas a scripture the Lord gives me and as I paint it fades into the foundation of the painting just like God's word is foundational in our lives. I always have worship music going while I am painting whether at church or at home and I invite Holy Spirit to come in to that time with me, to lead me, guide me, to create through me, it's a wonderful adventure.