Water immersion service

LOLMC hosts their monthly Water Immersion Service, the last Sunday the last of each month @ 6:00P.M.

205 Morton Ave., Martinsville, IN 46151


Dan Galbraith, 72, Anderson Indiana.
For 4-years he battled cancer. It began in his throat/wind pipe, 4 tumors; then went to the right side/lymphatic system.
His Oncologists are the top 5 in the country, a great team of Doctors. As he met with them, they never spoke the word "cure", just treatments. He became desperate for healing.
His daughter, Kylie, shared with him about the North GA Revival and told him, 'we don't have to drive to GA, and asked him to visit Life of Love's water immersion service in Martinsville.' Dan agreed and experienced Jesus in the water, Sun., March 27, 2022.
From that very moment, Dan's health has dramatically improved, week to week he began noticing his strength return; Dan shares this is a progressive healing, not a miracle (which is instant). His last PET scan was clear of any signs of cancer!
A few weeks after his visit to LoL, Kylie returned from visiting Dawsonville, GA. She brought him a prayer cloth and asked that he keep it on his chest as he sleeps. During this time, he had re-injured a previous hernia issue (surgery was performed '19)... he placed the cloth on it. As he slept, in the middle of the night, he felt a nudge. He lives alone so he awoke startled. He immediately was hot throughout his body, fell back to sleep & when he awoke the next morning, as he began walking downstairs, all the pain was gone! Jesus had healed the hernia.
Dan & his brother still work daily, constructing various types of fence designs, commercial & residential. JESUS IS GLORIFIED!


Jason & Shelly met Travis at a family baptism, May '20. They thought he was a 70 yr old man. They prayed over him & invited him to the upcoming, Water Immersion Revival, in June.
Travis, 41 yrs old, being treated, 1.5 yrs for bone cancer.
He visited Life of Love Ministry Center, June '20, Water Immersion Service, led by Pastor Todd Smith. Todd wrapped a wet towel around his shoulders, he was prayed over and three weeks later, his PET scan showed NO CANCER!


Kim - LOL Attendee
Skin irritation on hands and feet for 2 years
Doctors did not know what it was
tried multiple remedies
She had experienced the water immersion at previous services
on August 29th
She had prayer for her hands two times at church
after the LOL water immersion service
she went home with a prayer cloth
slept with it on her hands the next day there was considerable
difference after the next two nights it was healed
on hands and feet

About Us

How it all got started....

Life of Love MC highly believes in and celebrates each and every person who experiences their Salvation Baptism. Please see the link below to sign-up for first-time Salvation Baptism.   Mark 10:39
In September of 2020 after Pastor Todd Smith with the North Georgia Revival visited for the second time, the Lord spoke to LOL leadership to host the Water Immersion Service monthly.  Life of Love began hosting their own Water Immersion service in April of 2021.  Each month, the Water Immersion service is held at 6:00 p.m., at 205 Morton Ave., Martinsville, IN 46151